Planable Review: Best Content Management Tool Of 2022

Managing content on social media becomes pretty tough for busy people. Sometimes people are so busy that they can even upload a single post on any social media platform. Because of this reason, if you start searching, you will find there are so many management tools available on the Internet that help everyone in keeping their social media accounts daily with the best and perfect content. One of the best devices that handle all the social media platforms is none other than Planable. Let us understand this tool wholly.

What is Planable?

Planable is an intelligent collaboration tool that assists you to create, plan, manage, review, and publish all your content on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. This tool provides workflow through its super visual, which supports you to keep an eye on your competitors. It helps all the business organizations to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently on time.

Let us know more about Planable Review:-

Easy Collaboration Platform:-

Easy Collaboration Platform

Planable offers easy collaboration platform features that become the best solutions for post scheduling. This feature saves your precious time by making a perfect schedule for you. This tool gives you the technique of Content creation that doesn’t hurt your fingers.

Sleek calendar view:-

Easy to schedule your work. You will find many incredibly useful tools that take less time in preparing a work schedule. You can also create a work schedule at your convenience.

Content Management Tool:-

It is a great content management tool that assists its users to provide the best content to their audience and reach all the target audience instantly. Planable supported in devices like Windows, Mac, and Web-based. This tool applies to all types of businesses such as Small businesses, Large Enterprises, Medium businesses, and Freelancers.

Create Social Media Campaigns:-

This management device creates the best social media campaigns that attract all your target consumers from anywhere worldwide. It supports its users in managing and creating campaigns in such a way that any consumer gets easily attracted to the posts.

Further in the Planable review:


Planable offers four different standards of the plan. Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

Free Plan:-

It does not include any kind of charges for its users. This plan is unlimited, with 50 total posts. It also allows its users to take their convenient time. If a user wants to take 12 days to use this plan, then he can take 12 days.

Basic Plan:-

This plan starts with $11, with Unlimited posts 7 social media pages per workspace, 2 approval workflows, and Feed & Calendar views. It is generally used by businesses or new start-ups.


  • It offers 15 social media pages per workspace
  • 03 approval workflows
  • Grid view
  • Save as an Ad
  • Media storage — 10GB
  • Help Center


  • It does not provide a Grid view
  • List view
  • Sync previous content
  • Internal/External collaboration
  • Personalized on boarding

Pro Plan:-

This plan comes after the basic plan. Furthermore, it is the most popular plan that is used by several business organizations. Features included in this plan are — unlimited posts, 15/workspace for social media pages, 50GB of Media storage, and Version history.


  • Views — Feed Views, Calendar view, Grid view
  • Help Center
  • Priority support
  • Approval workflows 03


  • Approval workflows — Multi-level.
  • Version history — 30 days only.
  • Personalized on boarding
  • Dedicated account manager


This plan offers various amazing features. In short, this plan of Planable includes everything in pro. Features included in this are — Multi-level approval workflows, List view, Pay by bank/wire transfer, and a Dedicated account manager.


  • Unlimited storage and use
  • Sync previous content
  • Internal/External collaboration
  • Live chat
  • Priority support
  • Help Center
  • Customized on boarding
  • Localized workspaces
  • Granular access control
  • Security you can trust
  • Team training


This plan includes everything that a Social Media tool needs. But, it does not assist in delivering analytics or reports for your businesses. And also, it does not offer those features that knowingly focus only on the collaboration part.

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Lastly, you have learned something about this social media management tool. It provides a great experience to all of its users. It includes an easy way to manage all the social media platforms. I hope after reading the Planable review, readers understand various unique things.




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