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4 min readMay 4, 2022


We all have heard about podcasts. Right? But have you ever wondered how people make these podcasts? Well, the answer is via transcription & editing tools. These tools help the users convert an audio recording into written form. The process is called audio transcription. It is a quick and easy process for any user. There are tons of software available to help anyone transcribe a video online. Today, we will be discussing one such tool with the readers: Audext.

To begin with its specifications and further details. Let’s start the Audext review:

What Is Audext?

Audet is one of the most prominent transcriptions and editing tools launched in 2019 by Kateryna Myroniuk. To help people save their time and efforts, Audext helps users convert any audio file into a written format. The tool is suitable for students, journalists, corporations, interviewers, podcasters, researchers, etc., to transform audios into texts. The audio-to-text converter helps users transcribe audio into texts with the advanced AI algorithm and speed.

Audext Features:

Easy Upload:


Unlike spending hours converting audio files into transcripts, you can do the same within seconds with Audext. The standard speed of Audext is a 0.13:1 ratio, which means it will take a maximum of seven minutes to transform the audio of 1 hour into written format.

Text Editing:

Do you know that transforming audio into written sentences isn’t all? You must make it look appealing and eye-catching enough to target users. With the help of Audext, you can edit the texts without stepping out of the platform. In this way, you can save your extra editing hours.

Multiple Billing Options:

Multiple Billing Options

One of the best features of Audext is multiple billing options. The users get the privilege of selecting the duration of the audio and get the subscription accordingly. Plus, you can plan to have recurring tasks and buy the subscription from the same.

Audio Formats:

Audext supports different audio formats and allows transcribing into numerous file types. Like:

  • MP3 to Text
  • WAV to Text
  • OGGto Text
  • WMA to Text
  • M4A to Text
  • MP4 to Text

Why Choose Audext?

Quick Transcription:

Within minutes, you can convert the speech into texts. The AI algorithm helps users to convert the transcription process at full speed.

Speaker Identification:

Identify The Speaker

Whether the process includes podcasts or corporate work, Audext eases up your workload by identifying the speaker without any hassle.


Audext is a worthy transcription & editing tool because its speed is 200x times faster than average manual transcription services.

Moving ahead in the Audext review, the next part is:

Audext Pricing:

Audext offers 2 kinds of pricing: Professional & Automatic.

Professional Plan:

The Professional Plan includes Manual Transcription, which costs $12.00 for the 10-minutes audio file. The charges increase with the increase in audio duration. The benefits are:

  • Additional parameters available: Verbatim & Noisy Audio
  • Timestamps
  • Speaker identification
  • Accent identification

Automatic Plan:

Under the Automatic Plan lies 2 different subscription packages: Classic & Subscription

Classic Plan:

The Classic Plan is for 30 hours and costs $288 per 30 hours. But, the users also get the privilege to adjust the hours and get the subscription accordingly. The features are:

  • 30 minute-trial minutes for 7 days
  • Each next hour for $12
  • Free editing and sharing
  • Support 24/7
  • Subscribe any time

Subscription Plan:

The Subscription Plan is for 30 hours and costs $170 per 30 hours. But, the users also get the privilege to adjust the hours and get the subscription accordingly. The features are:

  • 30 free-trial minutes
  • 2 hours of transcription included
  • Each next hour for $5
  • Free editing and sharing
  • Support 24/7
  • Cancel any time

Enterprise Plan:

The Enterprise plan’s pricing depends on your customization criteria. The features it includes are:

  • 30 free-trial minutes
  • 5+ hours of transcription included
  • Custom price for each next hour
  • Powerful discounts
  • Free editing and sharing
  • Support 24/7
  • Cancel any time

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Wrapping Up:

So, we hope our readers now understand how Audext works and the features it offers to its clients via the Audext review. So, it’s a win-win tool for every user out there!



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